Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Weeks

I just (2 min. ago) gave my two week notice at my serving job. I have worked here (here! I'm still here drinking beer in the office) since March 2005. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this place, and leaving this place.

I started working here for several reasons:
1. I needed the money. RBG (my "real" job) didn't pay much.
2. I had just moved to SLC and needed a place to meet people.
3. After visiting this establishment on several occasions and observing the staff, it seemed like a really laid back place to work.

I stayed working here for so long for several reasons:
1. The money has been pretty good, and I've been able to pick-up shifts whenever I have been in a bind.
2. I really love my co-workers. I couldn't have found a better group of people with such great personalities.
3. Really laid back job. I love being able to be myself and just bullshit with the customers.
4. The perks were great! Half off all food purchases, a free beer at the end of every shift (really is was free beer anytime, but don't tell anyone that), and free movies.

Why I am leaving here:
1. The guy who has been managing for the past two plus years is a total douche bag! and an awful manager.
2. Cockroaches!
3. All perks have been taken away.
4. Hourly wages have been halved.
5. As my horticulture business has been growing, I have had less and less time. I have been leaving high paying jobs early in order to make my shifts here.

What I am going to miss:
1. My co-workers. This place has been my social outlet for 4 years. I don't go out a whole lot, and I've been ok with that. But without this outlet, I'm going to have to start getting creative so that I don't go nuts.
2. ...nothing.
I have been playing with this idea for some time now. I have been very hesitant to go through with it, and worried that I was making the wrong decision. Making this list has made me feel a lot better.